Historic Railroad Maps of Texas and Louisiana
Aransas Harbor Terminal Railway, 1923 (USGS)

Aransas Harbor Terminal Railway, Proposed Construction, 1910s. (Source unknown)

Artesian Belt Railway, 1930's. (USGS)
Asherton & Gulf Railway (HIghway Department)
Asphalt Belt Railway, 1936 Highway Map Composite. (Highway Department)
Atlantic Northern Railway, 1935 (ICC Reference Map)
Bentley Lumber Company at Zimmerman, LA, 1916 (Soil Survey)
Black Bayou Lumber Company Tram, 1917 (Commercial Atlas)
Bois D'Arc & Southern Railway, 1936. (Highway Department)
Bryan & College Interurban Railway (Soil Survey)
Caro Northern Railway, Caro-County Line, 1924 (Soil Survey)
Clark & Boice Lumber Company mill layout at Jefferson (ICC Engineering)
Cotton Belt Route Historical Timeline Map (Cotton Belt News, 1957)
Crystal City & Uvalde Railway (Soil Survey)
Denison & Pacific Suburban Railway (Soil Survey)
Denison & Sherman Interurban Railway (Soil Survey)
East Texas & Gulf Railway, 1920s. (Texas Railroad Commission)
Eastern Texas Railroad, 1905 (Soil Survey)
Frost-Johnson Lumber Company at Campti, LA, 1921 (Soil Survey)
Galveston, Beaumont & Northeastern R.R., 1910. (Railroad Atlas)
Gulf Coast Lines, Unknown Year (Travel Guide Reference Map)
Gulf & Interstate Railway at Port Bolivar, Texas, 1935 (Soil Survey)
Gulf, Texas & Western Railway, 1910 (Poor's Manual of Railroads)
Gulf, Texas & Western Railway, 1925 (Commercial Atlas)
Hamlin & Northwestern Railway 1936 (Highway Department)
Houston & Texas Central, 1909 (Commercial Atlas)
Jackson Railroad in Tangipaho Parish, Louisiana (Soil Survey)
Kentwood & Eastern Railway, 1905 (Soil Survey)
Kirby Lumber Co. at Honey Island, Texas, 1955 (USGS)
Kirby Lumber Co. at Voth, Texas (Hand-drawn)
Lakeview, Texas, and unknown tram (USGS)
Livingston & Southeastern Railway, 1906 (Land Office Map)
Lufkin, Hemphill & Gulf Railway, 1936 (Highway Department)

Marshall & East Texas Railway, 1911 (Commercial Atlas)
Marshall & East Texas Railway, 1923 (Commercial Atlas)
Marshall, Elysian Fields & Southeastern Railway, 1936 (Highway Department)
Midland & Northwestern Railway, 1917 (Texas Railroad Commission)
Midland & Northwestern Railway, 1922 (Soil Survey)
Naples & Sulphur River Railroad (Sullivan-Sanford Lumber Co.), 1911 (USGS)
North-East Texas Railroad, 1906 (USGS)
Peach River & Gulf Railroad, 1910 (American Lumberman)
Peavy-Wilson Lumber Co. Tram at Texla, 1926 (USGS)
Pecos Valley Southern Railway at Toyahvale, 1928 (Soil Survey)
Pine Hill, Texas Plat (County Plat)
Pineville, Louisiana area trams, 1916 (Soil Survey)
Port Bolivar Iron Ore Railway: Ore City, 1917 (ICC Valuation Map)
Port Isabel & Rio Grande Valley Railway at Port Isabel, 1934 (USGS)
Rio Grande & Eagle Pass Railway, 1936 (Highway Department)
Rio Grande Northern, 1892 (USGS)
Riverside & Gulf Railroad at Milvid, Texas. 1910 (American Lumberman)
Rockdale, Sandow & Southern Railway, 1925 (Soil Survey)
Southern Pine Lumber Co. Tram, 1908 (American Lumberman)
Southwestern Railway former right-of-way at Henrietta, 1956 (USGS)
St. Louis-South Western Ry. Historical Timeline Map (Cotton Belt News, 1957)
Sullivan-Sanford Lumber Co. tram at Naples, 1909 (USGS)
Sullivan-Sanford Lumber Co. tram, showing entire route, 1911 (Soil Survey)
Texas, Arkansas & Louisiana Railway, 1907 (USGS)
Texas City Terminal Railway, 1935 (Soil Survey)
Texas Short Line Railway, 1936 (Highway Department)
Texas South-Eastern Railroad, 1908 (American Lumberman)
Thompson Brothers Lumber Co. Mill at Trinity, Texas (County Plat)
Timpson & Henderson Railway, 1911 (Commercial Atlas)
Timpson & Henderson Railway, 1925 (Commercial Atlas)
Trinity Valley & Northern Railway, showing existing and proposed routes, 1930 (Gulf Colorado & Santa Fe Reference Map)
Trinity Valley & Northern Railway, Dayton track layout, 1920 (Engineering map)
Uvalde & Northern Railway, 1936. (Highway Department)
Waco, Beaumont, Trinity & Sabine Railway, 1925 (Commercial Atlas)
Warner, Webber Falls & Western Railway (Oklahoma), 1915 (Soil Survey)
Warner & Webber Falls Railway (Same as above), 1915 (Soil Survey)
Warren, Corsicana & Pacific Railway at Warren, Texas, Early 1900s. (Texas Railroad Commission)
Weatherford, Mineral Wells & Northwestern Railway at Oran and Graford, Texas, 1924 (USGS)
Weaver Brothers Lumber Company at Flora, LA, 1921 (Soil Survey)
West Lumber Company mill layout at Onalaska, Texas, 1910s? (Deed Map)


Text and images were digitized and proofread from the original source documents by Murry Hammond. Contact Murry for all corrections, additions, and contributions of new material.